Working In Your PJ’s – Part 1

Working at a great company and experiencing a meteoric rise within its ranks seems to be a dream that’s so two decades ago. Nowadays, the trend is for everyone to look for ways to break away from the rat race and establish his or her own business. With the advent of the Internet, that dream has become much more possible. But the problem is, not everyone knows where and how to start. You get a lot of freelancing or telecommuting websites practically dragging you in to start your own home based business. But how do you know exactly what to believe and how to start?Sylvie Charrier has released an attractively-titled ebook called Working In Your PJs, which talks about what it takes and what you need to know to start, well, working in your PJs. The ebook shares a lot of her secrets to scoring numerous jobs and what skills you need for these.Ms. Charrier banks on her knowledge of telecommuting and her years of experience as a home-based worker. She has been telecommuting since the mid-90s and has since been enjoying the benefits of working at home, which are exactly what all wannabe home-based workers want: more time with family and more chances to work on jobs they love.Working In Your PJs doesn’t just make the idea of working at home attractive. It also teaches readers enough about the secrets to getting hired as an independent contractor, what skills and materials you need, and lets you in on the red flags that will come up when dealing with potential employers. One of the concepts the ebook dismisses is that freelancers or independent contractors need to pay certain fees to land some work. And a lot of people believe that, because many freelancing sites tell you that people who pay the fees supposedly get more exposure and, therefore, more chances to find work. Working In Your PJs lets you know how to avoid websites and employers that require payment for you to be hired and helps you recognize if a company is legitimate.

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